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Delivery terms

1. Delivery is carried out within an hour. In case of force majeure or a large number of orders delivery time may be increased.

2. Your signature on the check means that you have no complaints about the appearance of dishes and order picking.

3. If you are not satisfied with the weight or taste of the dishes(a), you need to call the cafe and ask to replace it (for replacement, you must have at least 70% of the portion).

4. The replacement of the dish is made only in exchange for a low-quality product.

5. In the absence of the possibility to promptly provide us with this information, you need to keep the check and dishes that caused suspicions. The claim should be sent to the address zhaloba@avtosushi.ru you will be answered within a day.

6. If for some reason Your order was not delivered for the first time (the intercom did not work or You were not there, etc.), the cost of re-delivery will be 120₽.

7. Delivery of small rolls, gunkans and sushi can be carried out in several portions in one lunch box.

***All procedures of the proceedings are not easy for us and in order for us to respond as quickly and objectively as possible to your wishes/complaints/claims, we ask you to treat with understanding our requirements.

We wish you Bon appetit!

The minimum order amount for free delivery is 400 rubles, provided that the order contains only goods of own production, that is, goods in the kitchen. The cost of free delivery does not include drinks, namely lemonades, chips and additional garnish.
If the order amount is less than 400 rubles, the maximum delivery amount will be + 120 rubles, to the current order amount.
The minimum amount is the missing amount up to 400 rubles.
For example, you ordered for 370 rubles, the shipping cost will be 30 rubles.

Orders are accepted from 10:00, delivery is from 11: 00.

To find out the cost and time of delivery, enter your address in the line below, and the map will display the necessary information.


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